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Really good service! Very professional, would recommend to anyone!

Andrew Watkins

Professional Tattoo Artist, Divine Arts Studio

Ogderek was super helpful, he answered all my questions within minutes. He also explained the whole process that goes into building and maintaining a website. His service is top notch and his prices are more affordable than the other guys I looked at.

Randy Weber

Lawn Care Professional , Lawnman LLC

Derek has always been so professional and amazing. He has a real talent for web designing. I love my website from him. I won’t go anywhere else! If you need a website for your business I definitely recommend him! Bess Judd


Exceptional customer service! Every concern and question is addressed quickly. Nikki Rodriguez


A big thank you to OGDEREK for all the time and hard work he put into our new website! I’m a new start-up business and Ogderek was patient with me while I decided exactly what I wanted for a website. He came to my business and gave me several options and showed me examples of other sites he built. He communicates well and continues to do so today! Highly recommended!! Russ Young

Owner R&L Automotive

I moved all my websites over to ogderek and saved a lot of money on my car insurance! Thanks Derek Marshall Rogers


Having my website hosted with Derek has been so wonderful. Not only did he help me with finding what was right for me, but what was perfect for the website I had in mind. He’s very prompt and courteous when I had an issue, Derek went above and beyond to make sure that I am fully satisfied with how everything is being handled. I give him 5 out of 5. If you want your website hosting done right, then look no further, Derek is the best. Kelly Sustaita

Game Community Owner, Private Game Community, Doomed Fairy Tale Community

I promote local business and Derek helped show me a whole new way to reach customers in my area that I wasn’t aware of. Jason Patterson

Head of Marketing Waynor Markets

I wanted a blog for the longest time. I love posting on social media and wanted to expand that in a blog. Derek set up and showed me how to run my now live blog. 5 stars all the way couldn’t have asked for a better solution! Stacy Mills


Derek is designing my website for me and I would recommend him to everyone. I will admit to anyone that I have high standards and Derek has exceeded my expectations on customer service and delivering a quality product. His customer service is top notch and his work is Grade “”A” I will use him for all of my tech needs. If you need quality and to be treated as a valued customer you need to hire Derek. Carmella Johnson

Carmella Johnson Consulting

OGDEREK provides A++ service. He is knowledgeable, quick, pays attention to detail and truly cares about your projects. My hosting is secure with the SSL and I get security emails which I didnt use to get with my previous provider. I always recommend OGDEREK and people come back and Thank me and says good things about him and his services which makes me feel and look good. I am in the service industry, he has done several landing pages for me which I get complimemts and asked who did it all the time. The colors are beautiful the layout is clean just like I need it to be. I give 5 Stars for Customer Service 5 Stars for Response time and 5 Stars for Overall Satisfaction. Do yourself a favor and hire OGDEREK for top notch services. One of the best decisions I made for me and my business.Yes this makes sense. I switched and I am glad I did. Derek provides EXCELLENT Customer Services. Walked me through the whole process. Easy Breezy. Kim Trosper

Women’s Empowerment & Sassy Woman Life Coach

good web hosting i recommend Jay Harper


Derek is always willing to help when I need him. Dustin Altum

happy customer! Derek was great to work with and explained everything I needed to know. Jeff Tanner

Bakery & Eats

So far the web hosting has been performing great thank you Sarah


Derek does all my website work so I don’t have to! Great services! Blayne Thoms

Owner Mechanic Shop

Ogderek has a fantastic website hosting environment. I’m able to do all my tasks much quicker than my previous host. Ricky Smith

Gym Consultant, Gym Owner, Gym Private Magazine Writer

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