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Press Release

Get your website featured on high authority websites like FOX, ABC, Boston Globe and many more! 


Press Release


So what exactly is a Press Release and why do you need it?

Press Releases are the industry standard for high quality white hat SEO. I can take your business or an event and turn it into a high quality article called a Press Release.

Want to get the word out about your business or event? Press Releases are a great, affordable way to get your news picked up in the press. Our service does everything for you, from crafting a newsworthy article and distrubtion to the top newswires. 

All you need to do is answer a few questions and I’ll take it from there. Once the content is approved we will then distribute your press release through multiple high-authority news wires.

Our press releases are written to be search engine optimized and include images, links and optimized content which will rank your press release in site like Google News. Links from the press release will also boost rankings for your website!

Powerful Diversity Authority Links

When these top news syndications pick up your press release and publish it on their own site, you’ll be getting high authority links from domains that have DA of 20-90+! These are not subdomains either.

What this means is that in Google’s eyes, you’ve just earned some very authoritative and trustworthy links.

Great For Social Proof


One of the great things about my distribution is that you’ll land links on high quality domains from reputable news sources affiliates like ABC, CBS, NBC and more.

Once you land these links, you can put these logos on your website in the “featured by” section – giving you massive credibility and social proof. You can also distribute the actual links to the high quality news sources via social media by posting them on your accounts, giving you extra credibility!

Get featured on hundreds high quality, real news sites.


Just tell me what you want your Press Release to be about! Give me your Press Release subject, keywords, URLs, and any special instructions.


A team of professional 100% US writers will write a high quality press release. Your press release will then be distributed to over 30,000 networks of journalists.


Your press release gets featured on hundreds of high quality, real news sites. I’ll deliver a distribution report in about 7-10 days after your press release is approved.

Your Website Can Be Overwhelming. Let Me Help With The Work Load!

Domain Registration

First step in owning a website is your domain name like .com’s. Act fast as its slim pickings.

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Picking a domain name can be tough in some cases. If your business name has popular words involved, you might have a hard time finding the perfect fit with the most popular .COM’s already taken.

For this reason I’m always adding new options as they become available for the public! That way you have more options if you’d like.

I have a nice little search tool so you can take your time finding the right domain name that’s not already in use.

This is probably the first step you’ll take when launching or taking your business online. I’d be happy to assist you in this process quick and painless.

Here are the latest extensions I offer

  • .COM
  • .NET
  • .ORG
  • .CO
  • .CLUB
  • .INFO
  • .BIZ
  • .ME
  • .TV

I’m continuing to add more and if you’d like something not listed above reach out and I’ll see what I can do.

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Website Design & Development

Your business is special and you’ll need a website to reflect that. I can build basic and advanced websites.
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A website for your company is a must. It’s time to create your online presence. That’s where I come in. I’ll have you a proffesional website in no time. You’ll be ready to wow your preferred viewing audience.

I can also run your website by regularly updating and maintenance while providing best practices in all measures of your website. You’ll never have to worry about anything, seriously.  Its time to  enhance your website to keep it relevant to your preferred viewing audience.

As a bonus If you’d like to learn how to work on your own website you’ll be able to. I’m confident my tools are so user friendly I’d say anybody that can read can learn it! Yeah bold statement. Try it out!

I’ve applied my expertise to lots of web development projects, helping business owners achieve business goals – and often going past them goals!

Whatever you have in mind from small websites to large scale lets talk about it.

Things start happening when your business has a professional website to match.

  • Increase your business inquiries.
  • Have all your business information easily accessible.
  • Improve your professional online presence.
  • Provide your visitors an amazing experience.
  • Focus on your business and leave the tech to me

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Modern Marketing

Your future and past buyers need to hear from your business. You have many options.
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With the internet still being a baby the marketing opportunities are endless and affordable.

Prices across the globe are rising but are still incredibly cheap for the value they can provide.

Jump into some modern marketing today and take advantage of the affordable value.

Below is a few services I can help with.

  • Google Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Guest Post Marketing
  • Local Business Marketing
  • Online and Offline Style Marketing
  • Boots on the Ground Marketing (beta local)
  • And so Much More

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Local Citation Power Move

Local ranking machine crushes local competition & Google ranking.
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local citation is an online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and also impact local search engine rankings.

What is Local Power Move?

Local Power Move is an intensely thought out and effective ranking machine. Where 99% of Local SEO services fail, I excel. these decisions are data backed, based on the crawling of 100s of 1000s of top ranking Google+ Local pages.

  • Data Backed: Based on 1000s of hours of testing & 3 years of campaigns.
  • Custom Campaigns: Built uniquely for the client’s needs, niche, city. No campaign is ever the same.
  • Clear Reporting: Slick, thorough, transparent reporting.
  • Everything that’s created, is yours: Profile, logins, etc.
  • Citation Audit let’s you know what you need to fix to achieve local dominance.
  • Robust, valuable citations, show Google you mean business.
  • Durable, timeless local ranking strategy.
  • Syncs up perfectly with any organic link building strategy.

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Press Release

Get your website featured on high authority websites like ABC, CBS, Fox and loads more.
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So what exactly is a Press Release and why do you need it?

Press Releases are the industry standard for high quality white hat SEO. I can take your business or an event and turn it into a high quality article called a Press Release.

Then I’ll seed this article through multiple, high quality news distribution channels including the Associated Press, Lexis Nexis, Comtex & more. Hundreds of news outlets will pick up your press release and publish it on their site resulting in a multitude of high quality, diverse links from very authoritative, real news sites.

These links bring authority, trust, and diversity to your link profile.

Powerful Diversity Authority Links

When these top news syndications pick up your press release and publish it on their own site, you’ll be getting high authority links from domains that have DA of 20-90+! These are not subdomains either.

What this means is that in Google’s eyes, you’ve just earned some very authoritative and trustworthy links.

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Blitz Power Move

High powered rankings using high DA permanent homepage links.
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If you’re looking for something stronger to rank your keywords in today’s SEO world, the ultimate way to get that supercharged advantage is to get high Domain Authority homepage links using my blitz power move.

Over the last few years, this new method has been developed and has created a substantial amount of relationships with websites owners in nearly every niche you could think of. After you provide me your keywords and URLs, I’ll send it through the proper channels and get it in the hands of the perfect publishers for your niche. 10 business days later I’ll provide you with a full blitz power move report.

Nothing but the highest standards for where your links are placed.

Buying links based on today’s toolbar PR is simply not accurate (it hasn’t been updated since Dec 2013), and you might not get what you pay for. Instead, I rely on Moz Domain Authority which updates constantly and is a more reliable metric.

As you can see, the stats from my publishers are very authoritative:

  • 20% Moz DA 15-20 (Small power, ≈ PR1 or PR2)
  • 60% Moz DA 20-30 (Medium power, ≈ PR2 or PR3)
  • 20% Moz DA 30+ (Large power, ≈ PR3 or PR4+)

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

Domain Authority is calculated by evaluating multiple factors, including linking root domains and number of total links, into a single DA score. This score can then be used when comparing websites or tracking the “ranking strength” of a website over time.

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Cloud Website Hosting

Every website needs power to run. I use the best platforms available.
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So what exactly is website hosting and why do you need it?

Here is “Wiki’s Explanation” …

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

Here is “Derek’s Definition” …..

Your visitors need a location in order to visit your website. Think of that location as website hosting.

My cloud website hosting comes pre-installed with the industry leading control panel, cPanel. This makes it easy to do tasks like create email accounts and install your favorite apps like WordPress.

Unlike most competitors you’ll get full access to your web hosting account. Setting up your website is simple whether you’re advanced or new.

Listed are some perks every cloud website hosting plan comes with:

  • SSL Certificate (HTTPS Security + Instantly improves SEO also)
  • 300+ One-Click-Install APPS including WordPress, Joomla & Magento
  • Offsite Full Account Backups
  • Branded E-Mail ([email protected])
  • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
  • Unlimited Website Space
  • Unlimited Website Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Website Pages
  • cPanel Control Panel + Personal client/members area
  • Instant activation
  • 99.999% UpTime Guaranteed or your money back

Start building today! Your website deserves quality! Choose my high-performance SSD Cloud Hosting platform for your next website project.

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Website Maintenance

If your website need an upgrade, some edits or a makeover I can help.

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If you need a “web guy” to handle your website edits, upgrades, maintenance, security and more, you’re in the right place. This service is fully managed website maintenance.

Hourly Rates & Subscriptions Available

I’ll takeover the hassle of running the basics of a website and keep it relevant and healthy. This can include but not limited to website edits, plugin installation, all upgrades done for you, on page seo and more.

My website maintenance monthly subscriptions come packed with tons of features for all types of websites.

I’ll add some amazing plugins and tools to help your specific website needs and functionality of your website.

I’ll add premium technology, old and new as needed to boost your website and maintain optimal performance while also suggesting different strategies for the best experience.

Added security and tools to enhance you and your website visitors safety.

With my website maintenance services you’ll get freebies that normally would cost extra, for example lets say you need an email marketing service configured with your website.

Simply ask and I’ll get it done. Most basic website tasks that can be a huge pain will be covered in my monthly website maintenance plans.

If you’d like to pay as you go instead of monthly I can do that also. Check below for more information.

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Auto Blogger

Have skilled writers produce amazing blog content for your website.
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Blogs are crucial for any website. You might think you’ll never have one because you don’t write or have the time. Well now you don’t have to. Have professionals do it all or just add to the blog you have now.

Auto Blogger is the easiest way to get great articles posted to your wordpress website blog on your time schedule. You no longer have to come up with ideas, contract writers, go through the editing process and the tech to get your blog up for the world to see.

I have access to an amazing team of professional blog writers that will get you highly relevant, researched, professionally written content to your blog as an ala-carte service or monthly based on your needs.

High Quality Blogging

Old style methods of outbound marketing have the local sales floor using phones all day trying to get anyone to listen. By producing quality content around your subject matter, your prospects will start to find you through your blog content – this is true inbound marketing.

The skilled writers produce high-quality posts that are meant to educate, inform, and draw in your future prospects. With a well-defined process, I’m able to deliver high-quality blog posts to your website every month.

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Link Building

Link building is one of the best methods for ranking better and going viral.

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In order to move up your SERP’s (search engine results page) rankings you’ll need to add link building to your strategy. It’s a great way to move up the search engine ladder.

My link building team has a track record of over 10,000 plus link building campaigns successfully ran and counting!

So how does it work?

Simply pass over some keywords you want your website URL’s (domain name or certain page links) to rank for in search engines like google.

After that an amazing writing team will go-to work creating original content based on your subject matter.

Starting out creating links by building mini authority properties linking back to your website on high authority domains.

Then I backup and power these properties with multiple tiers of backlinks simulating the natural path of viral content in the authority module channeling authority through the layers back to your website!

Then on top of that I’ll have articles slowly move though a volume module simulating popularity for 3+ weeks. This process moves your links up the ranking serps!

Pretty nifty, huh? Might sound confusing as all get out like other things listed on this website.

I still get locked up sometimes dealing with all the tech jargon but the real reality here is simple, who cares if it brings results because we all have more important stuff to worry about!

I build links in a way that mimics the path of viral content. This same structure happens naturally online when things goes viral. Google states: Create quality content that attracts links and goes viral. The only difference here, is I make things go viral instead of waiting around.

Ready to go viral and increase your rankings?

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Branding Power Move

Secure your business brand name on all the major social platforms.
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So what exactly is a Branding Power Move and why do you need it?

Branding Power Move helps you improve your reputation and secure your brand name on all the top social sites in the world. Just send me your preferred username (company name / brand name) and I’ll have each profile hand registered, with all the details filled out, and hand you over a a report with all the URLs and login details so you can access them as needed.


Reputation Management

Your brand is one of the most important assets in your business. Taking the right steps to secure it is a must. By registering all your social profiles with Branding Power Move, you prevent anyone else from taking your username and brand name.

Increased Brand Visibility

After I get your brand registered, you’ll be everywhere! From social sites, to video and blogging sites, you’ll have your brand in your hands all over the world wide web.

Hundreds Of Accounts on Different Websites

I’ll register all your necessary accounts for you so you’re ready to go, when ready, saving you the all that time it would take do it all yourself.

Increased Great Backlinks

Not only does Branding Power Move increase visibility for your name, you’ll also be getting high quality backlinks pointing right back to your main site! Many of these sites are High PR, authoritative and trusted sources–The best top sites on the world wide web.

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Mega Power Move

If you’re looking to scale this is your best bet by blasting your website!

Learn More

SEO can be confusing and it can be difficult to put together the right mix to get rankings. That’s why I created the SEO Mega Power Move packages that pack a powerful combination of links to keep you safe and increase your traffic. Combined with a custom strategy, SEO Mega Power Move packs are a great all-in-one solution! Every successful SEO campaign includes multiple elements to ensure success. That’s why we crafted the perfect forumla to show search engines your site is an authority.

Each SEO Mega Power Move pack includes each of the following:


Auto Blogger 


Our blog writing service is the easiest way to get great articles posted to your blog on your schedule. You no longer have to come up with ideas, contract writers, go through the editing process just to get your blog up and running.

Link Building 


A Small+, Medium+, or Large+ is a great way to diversify your profile with powerful web 2.0 style links. We will use your secondary, LSI, main keywords, or brand anchors with these packages to continue the diversity and give your website contextual relevance.

Blitz Power Move 


Blitz Power Move will give you high authority, high DA, permanent homepage links. Great for boosting target properties with controllable anchor text.

And Guest Posts 


With each mega package, you’ll get a variety of true enterprise level, manual outreach guest posts. These are our top-of the line products. Just a few of these pack a powerful punch with your links naturally woven into the content.


SEO Mega Power Move is a premium package that comes with premium service. We’ll take care of everything from analyzing your site, creating your custom strategy, setting up your campaigns and ensuring results. You’ll have a dedicated account manager the entire time responsible for any questions you have!

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