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Listed below are key factors you’ll need for a successful website. Whether you’re a diy (do it yourself) type or need it done for you, ogderek can help!

Website Domains

In order to start your website journey, you’ll need a domain name. This is your website address.

Ogderek Offers Top Level Domain Names! (e.g. com, net and more)

Website Hosting

Your website needs power, security and precise configurations to run at top performance. Choosing the wrong website host will result in slow speeds, bad performance, and insecure connections.

Ogderek Offers Industry Leading Cloud Website Hosting!

Website Design

Ogderek builds websites using the best tools available while applying best practices with the client and their visitors in mind, always!

Elegant and high quality performing websites are now right at your fingertips.

Ogderek Offers Top-Notch Website Design for your Specific Needs!

Website Maintenance

Every website is different and requires special attention. Things like updates, routine checkups, website audits, ongoing content and many other special requirements. Let’s discuss your needs today!

Ogderek Offers Website Maintenance Designed for You!

Website Seo

Search engine optimization is a key element in your website success. Show Google you’re the expert!

Ogderek Offers High Quality SEO Services for your Website!

ogderek’s just better

Website Solutions with all the perks! Don’t settle for less!

Website Domains



Your domain name will never be held hostage!

DNS Control

If you’d like to point your DNS elsewhere, that’s okay!

full rights

You’ll always have full rights of your domain name!

Website Hosting


ssl included

Keep yourself and your visitors safe! (https)

cpanel included

Have peace of mind using the worlds #1 control panel, cPanel.

Daily Backups

Automated backups generated and saved daily!

Website Design


True Quality

Websites with amazing visuals and high performance, together!

Full Control

You’ll have full control of your website with built-in controls.

Full Rights

No fine print stating your website isn’t actually yours!

Website Maintenance


All Updates

All your website updates are done for you and done right!

Added Security

Extra tools like a firewall and virus scanner will be installed.

Special Requirements

We’ll discuss your ongoing website needs!

Website SEO (search engine optimization)


google safe

All methods and strategies are safe and google friendly!


On-Page SEO is optimized for best results per your requests!


Off-Page SEO doesn’t need to be confusing anymore!
Commonly Asked Website Questions
What makes a landing page?
A landing page is actually a website but usually looks smaller

(one page).

This doesn’t mean it is smaller and in some cases that’s very far from the truth. Normally the main goal would be to create urgency so the visitor proceeds with the call to action.

Landing pages usually don’t have more than one or two buttons (call to action or CTA). This way the visitor doesn’t get distracted and venture off.

Common users of landing pages are companies that need:

Build an email list, sell and promote highlight products, promote their start-up, promote affiliate marketing links, promote their service.

Depending on your company size and or needs, you could have a website and landing page(s).

If you’d like your own landing page(s) feel free to reach out and ogderek would be happy to help.

What makes a website eCommerce?
This one is pretty simple but people tend to mix its meaning up.

A website is immediately throw in the eCommerce category when it offers online transactions for goods or services.

You might only sell one product or service but that’s enough to be considered eCommerce.

With some popular brands out there offering eCommerce Solutions making the best choice might seem difficult.

Ogderek highly recommends WooCommerce with self-hosted WordPress for your store/shop.

If you’d like an eCommerce store or have more questions simply reach out to ogderek.

What is WordPress
WordPress is the best content management system on the market! Accept no substitute when choosing the right platform for your next website.

WordPress is 100% free to use on all ogdereks website hosting plans. You can also install it with just one-click inside your cPanel.

It comes with a user-friendly dashboard where you can create website pages and Website articles. Just fill in your content with your imagination!

With a basic WordPress installation, you literally need no website tech skills to get started. You can search for free WordPress themes or use the basic WordPress theme that comes pre-installed.

For more advanced users WordPress has no boundaries. The sky’s the limit when creating stunning websites that perform like a an allstar!

Yes, this website was built with WordPress.

What is WooCommerce?
WooCommerce is a plugin built for WordPress to make selling products online a more user-friendly experience.

I never liked the fact it’s called a plugin. It’s so much more than that. It transforms your website into an online store.

WooCommerce is free to use with lots of optional add-ons to create the online eCommerce store you’re looking for.

Ready to create an online store?
Reach out to ogderek today for assistance.

What is cPanel?
cPanel is the worlds number one used website control panel.

It has all the controls for your website hosting account where your website resides.

Some of the cPanel features include:

File manager, ftp accounts, website backups, php options, mysql database creator, redirects, tons of e-mail features (including creating your own branded e-mails), extra security, ssl options and softaculous app installer with over 400+ one-click install scripts like WordPress and Magento and just so much more bonus packed goodies.

**some features are add-ons that ogderek offers and might not be available at other website solutions providers that use cPanel.

In most cases, cPanel can be accessed from your main billing account with your website solutions provider.

That’s also the case for this website.

Want some more information on cPanel?
Just ask!

What is an SSL Certificate
An SSL Certificate is a security measure that every website should have in place.

When visiting a website look at the address bar and see if the domain name starts with

HTTPS and NOT just HTTP.

Websites with HTTPS
(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure)
are secured with an SSL Certificate which encrypts data transmitted between the user and website.

Google now red flags websites with an insecure message on chrome.

Submitting data on insecure websites (http) is a dangerous act and not recommended.

Ogderek offers free SSL Certificates on all website hosting plans.

How do I rank my website on google?
The million dollar question.
How to rank a website on google takes some hard work and patience.

The best way to get ranked and see results are to follow the best SEO guidelines and practices. Don’t dabble in spammy seo!

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of various techniques that all have one goal in mind, get ranked on google.

Search engine optimization comes in two main categories, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

There are many ways to help rank higher but the most common Off-Page SEO techniques are local citations, link building, guest posting, and backlinks.

On-Page SEO techniques would consist of keyword placement and density, alt tags, proper length in page titles and much more.

Ready to jump-start your SEO?
Start with your On-Page first and work your way up.

If you need help with Off-Page SEO and or On-Page SEO simply reach out to ogerek.

How do I build my own website?
If you’re the DIY (do it yourself) type and would like to build your own website but just aren’t sure where to start you’re in the right place.

The biggest mistake people make starting out is choosing the wrong platform and cms (content management system).

With all the flashy “build a free website” advertisements floating around the internet it’s easy to choose poorly.

Lucky for you Ogderek’s here to help guide you on the right path. While choosing free website builders might work out in the beginning, as your website grows you could easily run into problems trying to add-on or improve your website.

This happens due to the limitation of what you can truly do with free website builders.

Start off with Self Hosted WordPress and slowly learn the system. WordPress isn’t going anywhere soon, well maybe past all the other website competition!

You’ll never be restricted with limitations and you’ll always be able to take your website with you if need be unlike other free website builders.

YouTube and Google have helpful information for learning how to build a website.

It will take time but if you stay persistent you’ll get there.

Ogderek has been building websites for over a decade. Feel free to reach out for more help.

The days of confusing website code are over!

What are you waiting for?
Let’s get started!

Everyone can benefit from a website built by ogderek.
A website can be whatever you want it to be.

In a league of some sort? Have a page for your team. Own a pet? Make a website for it, people love pets! ūüôā

Do you enjoy writing? Start a blog.

Blogging is a great way to share information, connect with new people and generate website traffic.

Great content brings great results.

You can even monetize your blog with ads to make extra money for your time.

Every business needs a website!

Even if its just a simple page displaying your business name and contact information.

In the land of the internet without a website you’re business is out of business.

Let’s get your business an online presence, today!

This is for big websites.

I’m talking about a ginormous authority website built to shine. Tons of products, pages, with a mixture of special website needs, tools, and scripts.

These websites require the utmost detail and functionality to bring results.

You’ll feel like a Star and your visitors will surely think you’re one.

Let’s discuss your next big project!

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Ogderek provides website solutions including website domains, website hosting, website design, and website seo at fair and affordable prices!
Ogderek works hard in order to guarantee 100% satisfaction for all website solutions projects.
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